In Togo, a farmer accuses his old friend of stealing his yam harvest. His friend denies it, and in order to uncover the truth, a trial by boiling oil is implemented. Both the accused and the accuser must plunge their hand in hot boiling oil to retrieve a ring from it. It is believed that if either of them are innocent, theyre hands would be unscathed
In Albania, a family member has been murdered. And the family must decide on whether to depend on the incompetent justice system, or resort to an old tribal code. The code calls for revenge by killing the murderer, but that could spark a blood feud between families. Meanwhile, a committee attempts to mediate between two families who are involved in such a feud
Judge Ted Poe in Houston, Texas, implements an unusual form of punishment for the criminals. The guilty are made accountable for their crimes by humiliating them


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