The Naked Office - TV Series

With our ‘booming Britain’ days over and the start of the recent recession, companies are fighting to stay alive. In an extraordinarily explicit show, Virgin1 will witness one brave business as it attempts to get back on track by stripping away its problems using a revolutionary approach – going to work stark naked!
Rather than it being rude to go nude, we find out whether shedding clothes and flashing the flesh is the ultimate office equaliser. Will working naked break down relationship boundaries by increasing positivity and productivity? Our brave advertising based business in Newcastle – multi-award winning onebestway will put this theory to the test. As a casualty of the recession, onebestway has suffered some recent blows – weakening communication, general loss of direction, redundancies and low staff morale. Cue David Taylor - leading business guru and best selling author, his theory is that offices are breeding grounds for the most destructive forces for business: power and envy. His solution is some people’s worst nightmare - going to work entirely naked!
This quirky, daring and insightful documentary, filmed over a week, takes the colleagues on both a personal and professional journey as they build up to the day the entire office has been dreading. No clothes, no shame and nowhere to hide as they work completely nude on ‘Naked Friday’. But will it improve relationships and create a happier, more successful business? It will certainly mean they never look at their colleagues in quite the same way again!
Throughout the week we follow David Taylor as he helps the onebestway employees confront their psychological approach to work, as well as stripping down the physical barriers so often put up at work. Undertaking ‘naked tasks’ throughout their week, the soon-to-be empowered employees draw closer and closer to the ultimate dress down Friday with some surprisingly results that reveal more than just their bodies.


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